The following is an excerpt from Dr. Jeannie Gayle Pool's Ph.D. dissertation
    completed in May 2002 at the Claremont Graduate University and it is protected
    under U.S. copyright law.

    October 3, 1908— Born, daughter of Dr. Calvin B. Powell and Birdie
    Thompson Powell in Boley, Okfuskgee County, Oklahoma.

    August 22, 1915— She met Booker T. Washington who spoke at a city
    park in Boley. She sang the Tuskegee anthem for him and he declared
    she was a future Tuskegegian.

    1919— Won piano competition, at age 11

    May 22, 1925— Graduated from Boley High School

    Summer, 1929— Studied at Cecil Berryman Conservatory, Omaha,

    Fall, 1931— Went to Hampton Institute to study with R. Nathaniel Dett;
    followed him to Rochester, NY. and studied with him privately until
    May 1932.

    Thanksgiving 1932— Married violinist "King" Earl Gaynor

    August 21, 1933— Son, Lemuel was born.

    1933— Divorced from Earl Gaynor.

    September, 1935— Entered Tuskegee Institute as a Freshman.

    May 26, 1938— Received B.S. degree from Tuskegee Institute

    July 12, 1939— Performed movement of Grieg Piano Concerto at
    Langston University.

    May, 1941— Married Jimmie Rogers Perry

    September, 1941— Began degree program at Colorado State
    Teachers College, Greeley, Colorado

    1942-43— Taught first grade

    October, 1942— Father, Calvin Bethel Powell died at the age of 79

    August 29, 1943— Daughter Janis born in Tulsa, Oklahoma

    October 2, 1943— R. Nathaniel Dett dies at the age of 61

    1943-44— Worked as teacher in Pawnee, Oklahoma

    Spring, 1944— Son Lemuel died of ruptured appendix

    August 31, 1945— Graduated from Colorado State College of
    Education with Master of Arts degree.

    1947-1955— Taught at Arkansas A.M , and N.College, Pine Bluff

    Spring 1949— Began work in composition studies at Wyoming
    University. Piano and composition with Alan Willman and composition
    with Darius Milhaud; attended Aspen Music Festival for special
    workshop with Milhaud.

    1949-1955— Toured in piano duo with Kelton Lawrence to recruit
    students for Arkansas A.M. & N.

    August 20, 1954— Received Masters in Music in composition from
    University of Wyoming.

    April 19, 1955— Performance of Symphonic Poem by Zenobia Perry
    on Founder's Day program at Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal
    College, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, by the College Band, Harold S. Strong,
    conductor, Caldwell Hall Auditorium.

    October, 1955— Joined faculty of Central State University in
    Wilberforce, Ohio

    Summer, 1957— Participant, Aspen Conference on Contemporary

    September 29, 1963— Honored at San Francisco Concert along with
    Darius Milhaud and Dave Brubeck; performances by Emme Kemp
    Trio and pianist William Hollis.

    August 15, 1967— Mother, Birdie Thompson Powell Jenkins died at the
    age of 77

    June 1, 1970— New York premiere of Heritage and Life, A Cycle of
    Songs, Lincoln Center, at the Library and Museum of the Performing
    Arts. Janis-Rozena Peri, soprano and Judith Gels, piano.

    October 25, 1974— Performance on Canada Council Arts Festival
    Concert at the University of Victoria in British Columbia of Choral
    Suite No. 1 for tape sounds, percussion, piano and mixed chorus.

    May 22, 1977— Premiere of The Hidden Words of Bahá'u'lláh at
    Carnegie Recital Hall, Janis-Rozena Peri, soprano; favorably reviewed
    in the New York Times.

    March 8, 1980— Three Designs for Four Strings (1964) was read at the
    Conference/Workshop on Twentieth Century String Quartets by
    Women Composers, New York City.

    March 29, 1981— Participated at First National Congress on Women in
    Music at New York University, where Janis-Rozena Peri sang Five
    Songs on Texts by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

    1982— Retired from Central State University

    1985— Appointed Faculty Emerita, Central State University

    April, 1986— Guest Composer at Dana New Music Festival at
    Youngstown State University, Ohio. Her compositions were
    performed with conductor Dr. Jo Ann Lanier (now called Lanyé,
    whose doctoral dissertation at the American Conservatory of Music
    in Chicago, Illinois, was "The Concert Songs of Zenobia Powell Perry."

    May, 1987— Premiere of opera Tawawa House, Central State

    October 17, 1987— Honored with a Music Citation for distinguished
    service to Ohio in the field of music at the Ohioans Library

    February 20, 21, 1987— Works performed at "Symposium in
    Celebration of Black American Women in Music," California State
    University, Northridge

    March 19, 1988— Honored by Ohio National Organization of Women
    at the NOW Banquet in Columbus, as a part of their second annual
    women's history celebration.

    May 15, 1988— Four Mynyms for Three Players was presented at
    concert of Music of Black American Composers at the National
    Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution, Hall of
    Musical Instruments, Washington, D.C.

    January 31, 1989— Performance of Ships That Pass in the Night,
    premiered at West Virginia University, on graduate recital of James
    L. Tully.

    1989— Diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer.

    1990— Publication of Perry's Homage to William Dawson on his 90th
    birthday, published by Hildegard Publishing Company.

    February 17, 1991— Premiere of Echoes from the Journey with
    Cleveland Chamber Symphony, conudcted by Edwin London with
    soloist Jo Ann Lanyé.

    September 28, 1991— Inducted into the Greene County [Ohio]
    Women's Hall of Fame

    April 13, 1993— Concert at West Virginia State University including
    Tempo for Wind Symphony and Soprano and Ships That Pass in the
    Night, Don Wilcox conductor; Narrator Larry Christianson.

    May 12, 1993— Inducted in Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame

    Spring, 1996— Surgery and health problems.

    May 30, 1998— Honored as Outstanding Alumni of the University of

    November 18, 1998— Named as one of Top Ten women for 1998 by
    Dayton Daily News.

    March 14, 1999— Performance of Echoes from the Journey by Leberta
    Clark, mezzo soprano, The Afro-American Chamber Music Society
    Orchestra, conducted by Dwayne E. Smith, at Holman United
    Methodist Church, Los Angeles, California.

    April 25, 1999— Woman of the Year Award, Paul Laurence Dunbar
    House State Memorial, Dayton, Ohio.

    May 20, 2000— Named 2000 Outstanding Senior Citizen of Green
    County, Ohio.

    January 18, 2002— Elected to membership in American Society of
    Composers, Authors and Publishers as a composer.

    January 21, 2002— Received 2002 Cultural Arts Award for outstanding
    contributions in the field of Music Education, National Afro-American
    Museum, Wilberforce, Ohio.

    October 1-5, 2003--Celebrated her 95th birthday with a concert tour in

    January 17, 2004--Died of cancer in Xenia, Ohio.

    All rights reserved. ©Jeannie Gayle Pool, 2014.
SopranoJanis-Rozena Peri sings at her mother's 95th
birthday concert at Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland, Ohio,
with Jack Crotty on the piano.