Zenobia Powell Perry Opera Presented in 2014
Zenobia Powell Perry's opera, TAWAWA HOUSE, was performed by the Townsend Opera
Players at the Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto, California, May 2 and 4, 2014.The score
was restored and re-orchestrated by Jeannie Gayle Pool and is available through Jaygayle
Music (ASCAP). A video documentary is currently in production with ElBar Media in Los

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ZENOBIA POWELL PERRY (1908-2004) was a fascinating and prolific American composer
and pianist.  She wrote songs, piano pieces, chamber works, an opera, and music for
orchestra and symphonic wind band. Of African-American and Creek Indian descent,
her unique life story is about perseverance and determination—how to pursue your
dreams, regardless of your race, gender, age, or economic background. It shows how
individual strength, personal integrity, and courage, as well as self-expression through
community involvement, determine how one person can make a difference in her
family, community, and nation.
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Backstage at Tawawa House production, The
Gallo Center for the Arts, Modesto, CA: ( left to
right): Anthony P. McGlaun, Leslie Sanefur,
Shawnette Sulker, and Barry Robinson.Singers from
all over the country sang the premiere in the
Townsend Opera production, May 2014.
Zenobia Powell Perry News

Jaygayle Music is pleased to announce that we are recording a new album of Zenobia
Perry's piano music in September 2015 with members of the African American Composers'
Initiative at Stanford University in Palo Alto. When researching the music for this
recording, we found this sketch of
Childhood Capers from the early 1930s when Zenobia
Perry studied with Cortez Reece in Langston, Oklahoma. On the bottom of the sketch she
wrote him a note: "Mr. Reece do you think the chords at (a) would be better written in
ledger lines above the bass clef?" He answered: "No. With the proper use of a few staccato
notes the light effect that you wish will be brought out better. Your pieces for children are
quite delightful and you should (over) try more of them" This lovely exchange between
student and teacher reminds us how far just a little bit of encouragement can go to help
another person in pursuing their dreams.  She kept this piece of paper for the rest of her
life as a reminder of his support and how far she had developed from her earliest attempts
to compose.
Childhood Capers will be heard on the new album. The album will also include a
new suite from the opera,
Tawawa House, arranged for piano four-hands.